(almost) ready for school

So, I am going back to school. I have registered for classes and I am set to begin school this month. I have registered for online classes so I should probably only be going to the college to take tests (if at all) or to submit assignments that cannot be submitted online. I am nervous, if you can believe it. It is certainly not the first time I am going to school but I was young and hopeful the first time. Being old has its drawbacks, you know? Besides, I have to do better this time because I am not doing this just for myself, I am doing this for my family. The husband tells me that I can do it. I do credit him for believing in me even if sometimes it is hard to believe in myself. Here’s hoping that I will make good grades and that I will enjoy learning more.

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June bride

It is June, the wedding month. Or it was when I was a kid anyway. I don’t know if it still as popular now. Couples would plan their wedding to happen in June just so the bride can claim she is a June bride. I don’t know what the deal with that nor did I care. I was a kid, okay? I was more interested on the food and the festivities. One of my aunts was a June bride. It was an elaborate affair and they have their wedding video (it happened at a time when one has to pay an exorbitant sum to hire somebody to take a video of the whole event) to show for it. She even had the best bridal lingerie, courtesy of a few friends who surprised her on her wedding day. It was fun and memorable. Did it make me want to be a June bride? Not really. I am the practical sort. I would rather spend money on things like bills and vacations than spend it on a lavish one day affair. Although I do dream of being married in church, it will be a simple wedding ceremony and with as little expense as possible.

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back to school

So, I have been thinking about going back to school. This is because I want to have a better chance at finding a better job when I do start religiously looking for one. I would like to be able to work and get paid well (I hope!) to help the husband support our family. The kids are getting older and we agree it is about time I start to think about me and what I can contribute to the family. We figured going back to school and getting a degree will help me in my future quest to look for the job. Provided, I finish the degree first, of course. I have done most of the requirements and I am almost ready to register for classes this Fall. This will all be new for me. It has been years since I was in school. I am sure it will be an experience but I hope it will all be good. I am actually looking forward to it.

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visiting my hometown

When I was browsing at pictures through a Facebook group that somebody from my hometown created, it showed all kinds of new businesses in town. It looks so different now than before I left where there were only a handful of businesses, mostly local, in the area. There are national chains in town as evident in the photos I looked at. My hometown is growing, and I hope for the better. I would guess that businesses print business cards online now, because it looks like technology has been updated as well. Some businesses are being advertised online which I assume brings in more patrons. I have not been back to my hometown in eight years. A lot has changed. People has gotten older and there are new faces too. I would like to go back one day, if not soon. Looking at pictures online makes me nostalgic, it brings all kinds of memories of my youth.

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i want an ipad!

For weeks now, I have had this longing to own an iPad. I know it is crazy because I have all the electronics I need at home. My computer is in good shape, we have three rarely used tablets, a smartphone only used for calls and the occasional text messages, and the kids’ games that are all wi-fi ready. I should not even be thinking about buying another electronic knowing I do not have any use for it. Besides, I already told you about the husband and I’s plan not to make any more unnecessary purchases. Yet, here I am thinking about an iPad. I am not even sure whether to buy an iPad mini or the iPad Air. Could I be losing my mind? Or could this be an effect of being cooped up in the house for long periods of time because of the bad weather? What do you think?

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spending less

The husband and I have agreed to be tight on our finances. That means no unnecessary spending. He said he would like to see how much we can save if we only buy the basics. It means no shopping for anything but food. Although it may sound very responsible for us, it is killing me not to be able to shop. I have only been to the mall once in weeks, and that was because the little man needed jeans for school. And just when I have made a commitment to help him with his goal, temptations seem to be everywhere. Why, when I check my email accounts there are always emails from stores tempting me to browse their watch selection or offering discounts on clothes or electronics. It is so tempting and it tends to make a person want to cheat! But no, I will see this through. Or I will try anyway. We have just started so I should still be forgiven for any thoughts of spending, right? I should get used to this so we can finally plan on a trip to visit my parents in Leyte. I admit that we do spend so much on things that we do not necessarily need or want just because we can afford it at the time. It is time to change that.

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Above is a picture of a Jackfruit fruit. I used to eat this delicious and sweet tasting fruit back in Leyte. The Jackfruit tree (Langka in Filipino, Nangka in Visayan) grows abundant in my native Leyte. The fruit is not just good when ripe, it is also good even if not mature, for cooking. The cooking and preparing process is tedious as this is not just a prickly fruit, it has juice that resembles glue, but the end result is delicious and filling that nobody complains when one is asked to clean the fruit to get it ready for cooking. I have seen this fruit at the Asian store that I frequent but this is the first time I bought a slice. It was a good decision too because the fruit was so sweet. I made the husband taste it and he said it was delicious. He even made me save the seeds because he will try to put them in the ground to see if it will germinate. I might buy this again when available the next time I visit the Asian store. It is a bit pricey for just a slice but I think it is worth it.

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school cancellations

School is canceled today and yesterday because of the bad weather that is plaguing us right now. Tomorrow is still uncertain but it very well could be canceled too, if the ice that has accumulated on the ground will not melt. The day before the storm hit we were out buying items we knew we will need so we could sit it out in case it does really get bad. It was a good thing we did because it looks bad out there and there have been reports of accidents because of the terrible road conditions. We are trying to keep warm and stay sane with a bored seven year old and a giddy three year old who loves to aggravate spend time with her brother. Thank goodness electric and internet is on so I get to sneak in the kitchen to get online if only to look at on-stage stands ws8550 heavy-duty t-stand at guitar center even if I do not have a need for it. A woman has to have her me time, you know? Even if it is not spent productively as long as it is spent by herself it should count for something. Right? Anyway, I just got a message that said there is no school tomorrow as well. I hope tomorrow will be a good day for everybody. Perhaps we can bake or cook so as to make everybody busy and occupied even if just for a few hours. I am so looking forward to the warm days of Spring. If only it will come soon enough.

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This was what greeted us this morning, ice on the ground. Very rare occurrence in our neck of the woods but it happened today. It actually started pouring last night and is still going on and off since then. It looks so pretty but looks can be deceiving. It is not safe to be out right now and we are glad we do not have to go out. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, less ice and gloom and more sun.

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The husband and I had our wedding anniversary this month. We normally go out to eat, with kids in tow, on our anniversary but he said he wanted to do it different this time. He wanted just the two of us to dine out while the kids stay home. That particular plan of his had a flaw, we did not have nor do we know anybody trustworthy to babysit the kids. So we ended up staying home. He said he will make it up to me when his daughter comes to visit. Since I did not get to be wined and dined, I told him he owed me something. He is ready to get me what I want but the thing is I do not even know what I am looking for. Quite confusing, huh? I have scoured online stores to try to figure out what I want him to buy for me but I cannot make up my mind. He said I will eventually figure it out. I have to do it fast because Valentines Day is coming and I do not want my present to be lumped in two important dates. I am still hoping we can go out and eat but I do not really mind bringing the kids. I feel better when they are with us than them being left at home, no matter the reason. Perhaps I will feel better to leave them home if and when my parents get here. There are no other people I trust more than those two.

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