a trip to visit the jolly bee

Once upon a time, we went to a Jollibee here in the U.S. This was my first time to be at a Jollibee restaurant in a very long time. Nine years, if you want me to be specific. This trip was an anniversary gift from the husband. It was a cold day in January when it happened. And it was worth the five hours drive and traffic to get there. The food did not disappoint. Even the husband and kids loved their choices of food. I was in food heaven for a short while. If I could, I would have ordered all the food in the menu but there was the problem of eating it all by myself. The above photo was my breakfast. Yes, I eat fried chicken, rice and gravy for breakfast. The husband had rice and some meat with slices of tomatoes that he ate with gusto. The little man had yum burger and fries while the little girl got a toy. I guess I was wrong when I said everybody loved their food because the little girl did not eat but a few pieces of fries. She was more interested with the toy that came with the little man’s meal. All in all it was a good experience. I would repeat it every month if I could but I don’t think my husband is that generous. Lol!

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the joy of online shopping

When my son asked if we could buy him new guitar picks, I wanted to let the husband buy it for him. I mean, I could but that would mean bringing the whole crew with me to the store and then run the risk of incidents at the music store. There is a music store by the mall close to our house but I did not feel like going. I thought if I could just get online and buy the items for him everybody should be happy. It is a good thing that stores like guitar center offers guitar picks I can order online. I do not have to know guitar center opening hours at all! All I need to do is pick what I want, pay for it, and it should be in my mailbox in a few days. And the best part, I do not have to brave the mall crowd to go to the music store. Winning! 😀

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spring break

The husband and I talked about bringing the kids to either Legoland or Disney World for spring break. Unfortunately, we were not able to do it because of things that happened that are beyond our control. So we stayed home this past week instead. We went for walks on the beach, ate out, and basically just spent time with each other while also trying to get a little garden in the backyard going. He found old CDs while rummaging through the garage a few days ago and we have been listening to 80’s music on a daily basis. We found out that we actually liked the same band and that we share the same opinion about bands like guns n roses, among others. It is nice to listen to old songs and realize that they are better than what is called music these days. It does make me a bit melancholic about my youth, when there were less worries and fewer responsibilities. Our kids are getting used to listening to “oldies” music because of their parents’ music preference. I hope that they will get to appreciate the songs that we grew up with. It could be a good thing to help bridge the generation gap between us.

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we will try again

About a year ago, I have decided that the kids are old enough not to bother stuff so I went ahead and bought little things like table covers, tablecloths (not the banquet size tablecloths), vases for fresh flowers to put on tables, and little knick-knacks that I thought will make the house look more like it is lived in. Of course it did not take me long to realize that I should have waited longer because the kids, especially the little girl, did not leave anything alone. I have to hide the stuff so she will not break or tear up any of it. Even the little man’s books she inherited were not safe from her hands. We are back to bare walls, bare tables, bare entertainment center, for everybody’s safety. I am not giving up though, I will try this again after another year. 😀

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trying to adjust

It has been over two weeks since school started. I like this new experience but I found out that I need to learn to plan out my time to study so I can keep up with the demands of online classes while taking care of my family and household chores and still have time to myself to just sit down and think. The first week stressed me out mostly because I am not used to having a schedule to follow. I did not have to worry about not meeting deadlines or due dates for a very long time so the new schedule freaked me out a bit. I think I am starting to get over that and I am starting to like school again. The reading is what is killing me, I found out I dislike reading textbooks but I have to do it or fail. To be honest, I can spend all night reading paperbacks but let me read a textbook and I can hardly open my eyes on the third page. That bad! I have to remind myself that this is only temporary so I have to make it and be done with it. I am hoping that things will get better every day. The kids are getting used to mommy studying so they do not bother me much when they see me reading or taking tests on the computer. I am glad that I decided to do this because this is a step up for me. I just hope that I will finish in time so I can use this degree to find a good job in the future.

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When I was in college, I met a lot of people. Some became long time friends, others mere acquaintances. I enjoyed every bit of my college life even if sometimes money was scarce. I went to some places that horrified my parents when they heard about it from me. Not everything I did cost money though. In fact, most of the things that I did with my close friends were cheap because most of us were poor, but boy did we enjoy ourselves. It was all clean fun though. After all, I made a promise to my parents and to myself to behave while I was away at school. My friends and I hangout at one of our classmates’ brother’s house. Him and his wife had a fruit stand so they were gone during the day which made it easier for us to claim their house as ours. There we would spend time eating and singing and yes, there was a bit of alcohol involved. Even if there was only one musician friend in the group, we pretended we were all master of the videoke. I had a memorable college life made by having friends who did not have qualms about having fun without going to expensive places to be seen. I miss them sorely but we all have grown up and moved on. We still communicate but we do not know if we ever will see each other again and hang out like we used to. Probably not, but I have the memories to keep with me.

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(almost) ready for school

So, I am going back to school. I have registered for classes and I am set to begin school this month. I have registered for online classes so I should probably only be going to the college to take tests (if at all) or to submit assignments that cannot be submitted online. I am nervous, if you can believe it. It is certainly not the first time I am going to school but I was young and hopeful the first time. Being old has its drawbacks, you know? Besides, I have to do better this time because I am not doing this just for myself, I am doing this for my family. The husband tells me that I can do it. I do credit him for believing in me even if sometimes it is hard to believe in myself. Here’s hoping that I will make good grades and that I will enjoy learning more.

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June bride

It is June, the wedding month. Or it was when I was a kid anyway. I don’t know if it still as popular now. Couples would plan their wedding to happen in June just so the bride can claim she is a June bride. I don’t know what the deal with that nor did I care. I was a kid, okay? I was more interested on the food and the festivities. One of my aunts was a June bride. It was an elaborate affair and they have their wedding video (it happened at a time when one has to pay an exorbitant sum to hire somebody to take a video of the whole event) to show for it. She even had the best bridal lingerie, courtesy of a few friends who surprised her on her wedding day. It was fun and memorable. Did it make me want to be a June bride? Not really. I am the practical sort. I would rather spend money on things like bills and vacations than spend it on a lavish one day affair. Although I do dream of being married in church, it will be a simple wedding ceremony and with as little expense as possible.

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back to school

So, I have been thinking about going back to school. This is because I want to have a better chance at finding a better job when I do start religiously looking for one. I would like to be able to work and get paid well (I hope!) to help the husband support our family. The kids are getting older and we agree it is about time I start to think about me and what I can contribute to the family. We figured going back to school and getting a degree will help me in my future quest to look for the job. Provided, I finish the degree first, of course. I have done most of the requirements and I am almost ready to register for classes this Fall. This will all be new for me. It has been years since I was in school. I am sure it will be an experience but I hope it will all be good. I am actually looking forward to it.

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visiting my hometown

When I was browsing at pictures through a Facebook group that somebody from my hometown created, it showed all kinds of new businesses in town. It looks so different now than before I left where there were only a handful of businesses, mostly local, in the area. There are national chains in town as evident in the photos I looked at. My hometown is growing, and I hope for the better. I would guess that businesses print business cards online now, because it looks like technology has been updated as well. Some businesses are being advertised online which I assume brings in more patrons. I have not been back to my hometown in eight years. A lot has changed. People has gotten older and there are new faces too. I would like to go back one day, if not soon. Looking at pictures online makes me nostalgic, it brings all kinds of memories of my youth.

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