that time of year

It is time to bring the plants in. The husband is clearing the garage of junk to make room for the calamondins, bananas, and moringa trees. We do this every year since we had the room to put plants in. And every year there is more plants being brought in. The plants do not stay in the garage all the time though. We have rollers where we put the plants in and so they are brought out when the temperature allows it. It is pretty neat, being able to bring plants out when it is not too cold. For this reason, the calamondins bloom even in winter which is really cool. We could plant the calamondins in the yard but we both do not want to risk them freezing and dying. They are too precious to us even if I am the only one who benefits from the fruits. I told the husband that one day, when we have money, I want a big greenhouse so I can grow my own vegetables and trees all year round. He agrees. Now, we only have to wait for the money to come in. 😀

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