This is my last semester at school. How time flies! I did not think it will happen this quick but here I am. I am already sending out resumes, hoping that I will get hired. I know it will not be easy considering my almost nonexistent work history but I believe that if something is meant for me it will happen. I will just have to be patient while waiting. While waiting, I will enjoy whatever time I have with my kids. I know that it will change once I start working. And too, I will enjoy my free time relaxing. I think I deserve that. If I have to spend my time reading about musiciansfriend switchcraft then I will, if it makes me happy. There will be a lot of reading in my future too, all fiction, of course. And since it is starting to get warm, a lot of gardening. I could not wait to not be reading textbooks anymore. I am almost there!

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