relaxing music

My kids sleep like to sleep with some kind of music playing in the background. I do not let the music play all night long, I turn it off as soon as they are asleep. We have found a channel on Youtube that has several videos of relaxing music and they have picked one that they have listened to for about a year now. It is so soothing that it does help you relax and go to sleep. It is on very low, sometimes even barely audible but it still works its magic. It does not use the likes of jupiter saxophone but it does the job well. I used to like to sleep with a relaxing music on but the husband dislikes the sound because he said it makes him unable to hear anything else. He wants to sleep with no sound whatsoever. So, even if I do like to listen to music to sleep or while sleeping, I cannot anymore. It is fine with me though, I am already used to it.


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