a trip to visit the jolly bee

Once upon a time, we went to a Jollibee here in the U.S. This was my first time to be at a Jollibee restaurant in a very long time. Nine years, if you want me to be specific. This trip was an anniversary gift from the husband. It was a cold day in January when it happened. And it was worth the five hours drive and traffic to get there. The food did not disappoint. Even the husband and kids loved their choices of food. I was in food heaven for a short while. If I could, I would have ordered all the food in the menu but there was the problem of eating it all by myself. The above photo was my breakfast. Yes, I eat fried chicken, rice and gravy for breakfast. The husband had rice and some meat with slices of tomatoes that he ate with gusto. The little man had yum burger and fries while the little girl got a toy. I guess I was wrong when I said everybody loved their food because the little girl did not eat but a few pieces of fries. She was more interested with the toy that came with the little man’s meal. All in all it was a good experience. I would repeat it every month if I could but I don’t think my husband is that generous. Lol!

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