spring break

The husband and I talked about bringing the kids to either Legoland or Disney World for spring break. Unfortunately, we were not able to do it because of things that happened that are beyond our control. So we stayed home this past week instead. We went for walks on the beach, ate out, and basically just spent time with each other while also trying to get a little garden in the backyard going. He found old CDs while rummaging through the garage a few days ago and we have been listening to 80’s music on a daily basis. We found out that we actually liked the same band and that we share the same opinion about bands like guns n roses, among others. It is nice to listen to old songs and realize that they are better than what is called music these days. It does make me a bit melancholic about my youth, when there were less worries and fewer responsibilities. Our kids are getting used to listening to “oldies” music because of their parents’ music preference. I hope that they will get to appreciate the songs that we grew up with. It could be a good thing to help bridge the generation gap between us.

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