When I was in college, I met a lot of people. Some became long time friends, others mere acquaintances. I enjoyed every bit of my college life even if sometimes money was scarce. I went to some places that horrified my parents when they heard about it from me. Not everything I did cost money though. In fact, most of the things that I did with my close friends were cheap because most of us were poor, but boy did we enjoy ourselves. It was all clean fun though. After all, I made a promise to my parents and to myself to behave while I was away at school. My friends and I hangout at one of our classmates’ brother’s house. Him and his wife had a fruit stand so they were gone during the day which made it easier for us to claim their house as ours. There we would spend time eating and singing and yes, there was a bit of alcohol involved. Even if there was only one musician friend in the group, we pretended we were all master of the videoke. I had a memorable college life made by having friends who did not have qualms about having fun without going to expensive places to be seen. I miss them sorely but we all have grown up and moved on. We still communicate but we do not know if we ever will see each other again and hang out like we used to. Probably not, but I have the memories to keep with me.

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