buko salad

buko salad

As cold as the weather is, I am eating buko salad. The cold weather should have stopped me from eating something so cold but it did not. I have been eating the buko salad I made a little at a time every day. I made enough for a week’s consumption so you can now imagine me having a cup of that delicious salad every day for my dessert. I love buko salad. I normally make the salad without color because I am too tight to buy canned (colored) kaong (sugar palm) but the last time I was at the store I gave in to temptation. And the picture above is the result. I am now encouraged to try green colored kaong just to see what the end result will be. I know it will be good taste-wise so it will be worth the try. Doesn’t it look appetizing? This is one salad that any Filipino will be happy to have. We do not say no to this sweet concoction even if it is loaded with sugar. Just eat in moderation and I think you will be fine. 😀

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  1. Rcel says:

    Yum yum your buko salad mami!

    I am having avocado shake right now and taga-hawak ang snow sa among gawas. 😀

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