junk food

Above are the goodies that I ordered online from Phil-Am Food, a store that sells groceries and other items from the Philippines and other Asian countries. The loot was nothing but junk food. The husband asked me if I was going to start my own grocery store when he saw what was inside the box that I got from the post office. He wondered how I will be able to eat all the food. I told him I will take my sweet time to make up for the shipping fee. Truth be told, I paid more for shipping with this order but I do not regret the decision. I am happy! It is hard to find fish crackers with the right flavor and crunch that when I saw the items I was looking for online I have decided to buy it regardless of how much it will cost me. So, here are my goodies. I already ate a pack of fish crackers last night so I will have to stay away from the loot for a few days. Ah, the joys of online shopping.

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