expecting a box of goodies

In about a week, I might get some goodies from my parents. A cousin who lives up north (I forgot the state) told me her mom is coming back to the US. I asked her if it was possible for her mom to bring some pasalubong for me to which I was told yes. I then contacted my parents to talk to the aunt who is coming back to ask for more information on how to pack the goodies and if it is possible to send a variety of items that I want. I also wanted to know the quantity of the items on my list they can send me without my aunt going over the weight limit. I have not heard from them but I will, eventually. In case you are wondering what I asked for pasalubong, here is the list: my favorite dried fish, fermented anchovies (which my mom made), noodles, and tableya (unsweetened cocoa rounds according to my online research). I am hoping all the items in my list will make it but if not I will be happy with whatever I can get. This is a very rare occurrence so I am already excited. I hope to hear good news next week.

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  1. Cacai M. says:

    Weeeh! I am also excited for you Jan. Me, haven’t received any goodies from my family back in PH. And it’s fine with me because it is too expensive to ship it here and besides I have two brothers who are graduating soon in college and I understand fully. And I cannot also send bucks just to ship stuffs going here because I know it is not the best way. Maybe in time, hopefully. 🙂

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