the dead zone

Other than The Walking Dead, I am also watching The  Dead Zone online. Unlike the former, I can watch the latter online anytime I have time to spare. This is because all (I think) of The Dead Zone episodes are on Netflix. I mostly watch TDZ episodes when the little girl is asleep because she has a bad habit of turning off the television when I am watching while she is roaming around the house. I guess she wants me to pay attention to her instead of being glued to the television. The husband is starting to complain about my choice of entertainment. He asked why I want to watch “dark” themed shows when I can easily watch romcom’s or other feel good movies. I told him it is just entertainment, there is no harm in it. He laughed when I told him I am officially a soap opera wife, if there ever is such a term. I cannot stay too long watching tv though because for some reason it gives me headache. I have to get up and move or I will be in pain the rest of the day. So much for my plan of being a couch potato 🙂

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