that time of year

It is time to bring the plants in. The husband is clearing the garage of junk to make room for the calamondins, bananas, and moringa trees. We do this every year since we had the room to put plants in. And every year there is more plants being brought in. The plants do not stay in the garage all the time though. We have rollers where we put the plants in and so they are brought out when the temperature allows it. It is pretty neat, being able to bring plants out when it is not too cold. For this reason, the calamondins bloom even in winter which is really cool. We could plant the calamondins in the yard but we both do not want to risk them freezing and dying. They are too precious to us even if I am the only one who benefits from the fruits. I told the husband that one day, when we have money, I want a big greenhouse so I can grow my own vegetables and trees all year round. He agrees. Now, we only have to wait for the money to come in. 😀

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are wigs fashionable?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Most women, regardless of race, are generally particular with their fashion styles. Are you one of those who loves to coordinate anything you wear with your accessories and hairstyles? How often do you do that? Is it just for certain occasions or you are making yourself more fashionable every day? What about your hair, are you into styling all the time or do you use hair extension or maybe even wigs?

When you are thinking of being fashionable, you don’t need expensive stuff. All you have to do is to think of styles that will fit with your lifestyles and the one that will fit with the certain occasions that you are joining. Though, some women love to buy branded stuff for the reason that they will feel good using it.

When talking about hair, some women often visit the salon for hair styling, and some will buy any of these wigs for black women and Remy human hair. Are you one of those who will visit the salon? Or perhaps you will just do a DIY for your hair?

For anything about wigs, hair care, and beauty products, do visit as this e-commerce store offers tons of products that will surely interest you. It has different styles of wigs like synthetic wigs, Remy human hair, human hair blend wigs, short wigs, lace part wigs, and much more. When you are particular with brands, you can find FREETRESS EQUAL, VIVICA A. FOX, OUTRE, and much more. Want to shop right now? Oh, don’t forget to enjoy FREE USA shipping!

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what to ask when buying a used car

Have you ever heard anybody tell you how easy it is to buy a used car? Did they tell you about their experience of simply walking onto a lot, finding their gem, and getting correct and honest information from the dealer?

No. They didn’t.

The reason why you have never heard a story such as this is simply because it never happens. And while finding a great deal on a used car is not an impossible task, it certainly isn’t always an easy one.

If you are looking to buy a used car, below are some great questions to ask any seller.

What Can You Tell Me About the Previous Owner and Their Usage?

What you are looking to find out from this question is how well the car was likely treated and how often it was used. For example, if the previous owner was a stay-at-home mom who mainly used the car to take kids to appointments or to visit the local post office to collect their deliveries from the Groupon Coupons page for Torrid, then the chances are that the engine will be in good shape.

However, if the previous owner used the vehicle primarily for work then the chances are that the engine has seen a fair bit of stop-and-start driving, leading to an increased likelihood of engine damage.

Whatever the answer, put yourself in the previous owner’s shoes and imagine how you would treat the vehicle.

What Is the Maintenance History Like?

If you aren’t able to glean a solid idea of the vehicle’s previous use, ask to see any information which shows how often the vehicle was serviced and what type of products were used in it.

Your best answer will be a log book filled with entries showing that the vehicle received regular maintenance and only high-quality parts were used.

Your worst answer is going to be a no. If this is the case, ask if you can have your mechanic inspect the vehicle for any issues or concerns which could cause serious problems down the track.

Can I Take It for a Ride?

Huh? Why would this be a question on this list? While it can seem natural to expect to take a car for a test drive, there are many sellers or dealers who will only allow you to be a passenger in the vehicle while they drive.

If you come up against one of these situations, your best option is to walk away. There is no reason which the seller can give you to justify not allowing you to test-drive a vehicle before purchasing it. While their intention may not be to lead you into a bad deal, it’s simply not a good idea to make such a large purchase without first trying out the vehicle for yourself.

When it comes to buying a used car, there is no real way to guarantee satisfaction. When looking on the lot and speaking with sellers, follow your instincts and let common sense guide your decisions.

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new hosting

For years, I have paid for my own personal hosting account for several of my domains. I have made some money over the years so why not, right? But, for the last few years I have not made enough money so I planned on transferring all my files somewhere. It took me years but I finally did it. This new hosting account is very cheap which is good for my pocket. I still do not make enough to even break even but I could not get rid of this blog for sentimental reasons. I do not have near the memory storage for my files but I do not really blog as often as I used to so it is not a big problem. I am hoping that this works out.

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be informed before buying your dream car

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Do you know that it is easy to read car reviews from thousands of consumers? Yes, it is easy when you will use It is one of its features ever since it started since 1998. Car reviews are needed before you will purchase any car. Will you believe in that? Well, it will give you some guidance on what car to purchase and if the car is worth buying. Using this site also gives you the chance of reading details and specifications of any cars that interest you. You can also compare different body styles of cars, and the different car makes. Another feature of is that you can estimate your payment when you do not want to pay it in cash. You can even compare financing if you need it.

Searching for any used cars, brand new cars, and or certified pre-owned is also one of the coolest features of this site. When talking about CPO, you can search, compare and research any CPO programs available. From low priced cars to luxury cars of different brands, you can easily search it using this one-stop site for everything about cars. So, if you want, discovered it today and use it as your guide in purchasing your car.

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My mini-banana patch and I am proud of it. This bunch started out with one tiny banana tree I purchased at a flea market almost two years ago. I did not know if it will make it but I am so happy that it did and it actually multiplied. I am hoping for one of the big trees to bloom because that was the reason I wanted a tree, I wanted fruits. The leaves can also be used when I make delicacies. These trees will be very useful soon.

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needs over wants

As my kids get older, their wants get more expensive. The little man has been bugging me to buy him a 3d printer. When told how expensive the item is, he said that we can use it to create “stuff” which we can sell so we will get our money back. Because, you know, it is that simple. Lol! The little girl, on the other hand, likes guitars. She has two right now which she alternates using. Fortunately for me, she has not asked for another one. Yet. But I am just waiting for her to tell me that she “needs” a new guitar and I should buy a prs custom 24 at because my kids are like that. If they want something, they look it up online then tell me to get it like it does not cost anything. The good thing about them is that they may insist about getting what they want but they get easily sidetracked. And they do know that sometimes what they want is too much. I do wish though that I can give them what they want especially the ones that are useful. Perhaps one day.

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ready for spring

Last week I put some seeds on the ground. That was after a frosty morning. I just could not wait for really warm days. I am ready to garden and I have decided not to wait anymore. I planted string beans, chinese cabbage, bok choys, okra, zucchini, and cucumbers. My husband thought I have lost my mind but did not stop me. The chinese cabbage, bok choys, and beans have sprouted. Apparently, those were the only seeds as crazy as the gardener, lol. I am waiting for the seeds to sprout, albeit impatiently. I hope we will have a good harvest this year.

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i love the convenience

One of my friends’ daughter is into musical instruments. I have read on the mom’s Facebook page how her daughter loves to play the clarinet. I like it. My kids like music and they love their guitars and keyboard but none of them really put fort effort to master anything. It is really a shame because I think they have potential. But, they are young still, perhaps there is still a chance as they get older. Anyway, I remember about my friend’s daughter when I saw a clarinet tuner at while browsing through different websites. I really like the fact that one does not need to go to the stores to shop anymore. Everything is within one’s fingertips.

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it is getting warm

And it is almost time to garden. I am so excited! You might think I don’t have much going if I get excited over the change in season but this is the time when I garden. The long walks on the beach is something to look forward to, if I am honest. But the warm days to plant seeds and watch things grow is rewarding and worth all the wait. The garden is ready, we just need to make a little area to start seedlings so we can plant as soon as the last frost is over. We will try to grow our own seedlings this year, well except for the onions, which we bought from the store and are already in the ground. I will probably inundate you with nothing but photos of vegetables as they grow, lol. We bought compost from the landfill so we are hoping for better produce this year. It will be fun!

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