be informed before buying your dream car

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Searching for any used cars, brand new cars, and or certified pre-owned is also one of the coolest features of this site. When talking about CPO, you can search, compare and research any CPO programs available. From low priced cars to luxury cars of different brands, you can easily search it using this one-stop site for everything about cars. So, if you want, discovered it today and use it as your guide in purchasing your car.

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My mini-banana patch and I am proud of it. This bunch started out with one tiny banana tree I purchased at a flea market almost two years ago. I did not know if it will make it but I am so happy that it did and it actually multiplied. I am hoping for one of the big trees to bloom because that was the reason I wanted a tree, I wanted fruits. The leaves can also be used when I make delicacies. These trees will be very useful soon.

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needs over wants

As my kids get older, their wants get more expensive. The little man has been bugging me to buy him a 3d printer. When told how expensive the item is, he said that we can use it to create “stuff” which we can sell so we will get our money back. Because, you know, it is that simple. Lol! The little girl, on the other hand, likes guitars. She has two right now which she alternates using. Fortunately for me, she has not asked for another one. Yet. But I am just waiting for her to tell me that she “needs” a new guitar and I should buy a prs custom 24 at because my kids are like that. If they want something, they look it up online then tell me to get it like it does not cost anything. The good thing about them is that they may insist about getting what they want but they get easily sidetracked. And they do know that sometimes what they want is too much. I do wish though that I can give them what they want especially the ones that are useful. Perhaps one day.

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ready for spring

Last week I put some seeds on the ground. That was after a frosty morning. I just could not wait for really warm days. I am ready to garden and I have decided not to wait anymore. I planted string beans, chinese cabbage, bok choys, okra, zucchini, and cucumbers. My husband thought I have lost my mind but did not stop me. The chinese cabbage, bok choys, and beans have sprouted. Apparently, those were the only seeds as crazy as the gardener, lol. I am waiting for the seeds to sprout, albeit impatiently. I hope we will have a good harvest this year.

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i love the convenience

One of my friends’ daughter is into musical instruments. I have read on the mom’s Facebook page how her daughter loves to play the clarinet. I like it. My kids like music and they love their guitars and keyboard but none of them really put fort effort to master anything. It is really a shame because I think they have potential. But, they are young still, perhaps there is still a chance as they get older. Anyway, I remember about my friend’s daughter when I saw a clarinet tuner at while browsing through different websites. I really like the fact that one does not need to go to the stores to shop anymore. Everything is within one’s fingertips.

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it is getting warm

And it is almost time to garden. I am so excited! You might think I don’t have much going if I get excited over the change in season but this is the time when I garden. The long walks on the beach is something to look forward to, if I am honest. But the warm days to plant seeds and watch things grow is rewarding and worth all the wait. The garden is ready, we just need to make a little area to start seedlings so we can plant as soon as the last frost is over. We will try to grow our own seedlings this year, well except for the onions, which we bought from the store and are already in the ground. I will probably inundate you with nothing but photos of vegetables as they grow, lol. We bought compost from the landfill so we are hoping for better produce this year. It will be fun!

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what i love about technology

With the advent of advanced technology, people are now able to get online not just on their laptops but also on any mobile device that are wifi capable. This was unheard of years ago. There were phones, yes, but only used to call and text. Those phones from long ago were not wifi ready so consumers had to have a computer if they want to get online to either read the news or shop. Right now, it is easy to get on online stores like full site on our smartphones. No more getting on computers. This is one of the things I like about the technological advance we are experiencing right now. Everything is accessible. The phrase “right in your fingertips” has never been this literal. I love it.

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This is my last semester at school. How time flies! I did not think it will happen this quick but here I am. I am already sending out resumes, hoping that I will get hired. I know it will not be easy considering my almost nonexistent work history but I believe that if something is meant for me it will happen. I will just have to be patient while waiting. While waiting, I will enjoy whatever time I have with my kids. I know that it will change once I start working. And too, I will enjoy my free time relaxing. I think I deserve that. If I have to spend my time reading about musiciansfriend switchcraft then I will, if it makes me happy. There will be a lot of reading in my future too, all fiction, of course. And since it is starting to get warm, a lot of gardening. I could not wait to not be reading textbooks anymore. I am almost there!

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These beauties were harvested from a calamondin tree I have bought online four years ago. It came in a box, looking so tiny and fragile that the husband laughed at how ridiculous I was for spending money on a plant that “will not make it”. He was wrong on that prophecy and has since atoned by helping me take care of said plant which has grown at least six feet tall. Such a feat considering it was supposed to be a dwarf. The tree has given us so much produce that it has more than made up for the expense and labor we put in it. These batch is our last harvest for the year. We are looking forward to more in the coming months.

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relaxing music

My kids sleep like to sleep with some kind of music playing in the background. I do not let the music play all night long, I turn it off as soon as they are asleep. We have found a channel on Youtube that has several videos of relaxing music and they have picked one that they have listened to for about a year now. It is so soothing that it does help you relax and go to sleep. It is on very low, sometimes even barely audible but it still works its magic. It does not use the likes of jupiter saxophone but it does the job well. I used to like to sleep with a relaxing music on but the husband dislikes the sound because he said it makes him unable to hear anything else. He wants to sleep with no sound whatsoever. So, even if I do like to listen to music to sleep or while sleeping, I cannot anymore. It is fine with me though, I am already used to it.


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